Sniffies Review: Best travel sized lube for cruising

Sniffies Review: Best travel sized lube for cruising

Written by Staff 

If you’re a practiced Cruiser, you know that you can’t go anywhere without a little bit of lube. It doesn’t matter the locale or the occasion, you never know when you’ll need a little extra lubrication—cruising can happen anywhere. A trip to the museum? Bring lube. Drinks with friends? Definitely bring lube. A night time stroll through the cruisey park in your neighborhood—well, yeah, that one’s obvious. 

But not all lubes are created equal, and if you’re on the go, you definitely don’t want to carry around a full-sized bottle. That’s why travel-sized bottles of lube are far and away the best lube for gay sex. Lubes for cruising should be easy to open, resealable, and, of course, portable. To make sure you’re always prepared to cruise, we found the best gay lube, and the absolute best lubes for cruising. 

#6 SportLube

The worst thing a travel-sized bottle of lube can do is leak, and unfortunately that’s exactly what happened here. We liked SportLube’s sleek bottle, and resealable cap, but when it arrived slicked over with lube that had leaked out, we knew we couldn’t name this the best gay lube. 

#5 Wet Platinum

Wet’s Platinum lube comes in a black plastic packet that you have to rip open to get at. Each packet holds about a third of a fluid ounce, which is fair amount of lube—in fact, it’s too much. We also didn’t like that the packets weren’t resealable; any lube you don’t use could leak, so Wet isn’t exactly portable or Cruiser-friendly. The best lube for gay men should be resealable, and come in a manageable size, which means that Wet ranks low, here. We liked that the lube is paraben free, but there’s nothing worse than too much lube. 

#4 KY TrueFeel

Sure, maybe KY is hetero-coded, and you might not necessarily think of it “gay lube,” per se, but there’s a travel-sized packet, and we love it for cruising. Although it’s not resealable, each packet holds just .16 fluid ounces of lube—the perfect amount to get started. 

#3 Swiss Navy

Swiss Navy is a gay anal sex standby, and you have to give it up for a legend. This tiny squeeze container of lube is just as great as Swiss Navy’s full sized containers, and it was a serious contender for the title of best gay lube. Ultimately, although we loved its resealable top, and how portable and lowkey the branding was, it lost out to some other competitors that specialty packaging that pushed them to the top of the list.

#2 Pjur Original

When it comes the best lubes for anal sex, it’s hard to beat Pjur. This mini bottle holds just over one fluid ounce, but it’s screw on resealable cap means you can use a dab, and save the rest for next time. It’s got a specialty tip that prevents leaks and spills—definitely a key feature when cruising in public. 

#1 UberLube

The first thing we noticed about UberLube’s Good-to-Go Traveler is that you would never clock it as a travel lube—and that’s a good thing. The sleek golden canister looks more like a travel-sized cologne bottle than anything else, and the press-down nozzle means you wont be fumbling with screw tops or trying to rip open packets. Plus, the container is refillable, so you can use it over and over again. It’s discreet, infinitely usable, and we’re happy to name UberLube the best lube for gay sex.
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