How to Stay Safe and Anonymous While Cruising

How to Stay Safe and Anonymous While Cruising

Have you ever wanted to cruise anonymously? Anonymous hookups, in which you and your partner don’t reveal your identity, are a popular way to cruise for many people — but staying safe, and remaining anonymous is key. To get more insight into safe and anonymous cruising, HUSH caught up with cruising expert Cruz Parker, better known as @cruisingsocal, who has nearly a decade of anonymous cruising experience under his belt (no pun intended). 

According to Cruz, there are many reasons someone might want to fuck around anonymously. “Usually when people are cruising they want to be discreet,” he says. “That might be because they’re in a relationship, or on the DL, or maybe they just think it’s hot.” It’s hard to deny that anonymous hookups are especially hot — the risk of the unknown is a big part of why many people enjoy anonymous hookups. But Cruz says that’s not all. “Anonymity allows people to step out of themselves,” he says, “so they can feel free to explore and experiment. They can be whoever they want to be.”

You ready to start anon cruising yet? If you’ve felt that twinge of curiosity, we’ve got five tips to stay safe and anonymous while cruising.

Be aware of your surroundings

“Whether it's a bathroom, a park, or a cruisey bar, or any public place, you have to use all of your senses to be able to determine if it's safe to to play there,” Cruz says. This means making sure you or your partner aren’t being too loud, and making sure the location you’ve chosen is secure enough for play. Getting caught is never cute.

Make sure you have an exit strategy

We get it. Sometimes, the best part of anonymous cruising is the element of danger. Still, you should make sure you’re able to get your pants buttoned if you hear someone approaching. “I always try to choose bathrooms that are set up so that I’ll have enough time to recover if someone’s coming,” Cruz explains, “and the same goes for any public place.”

Pay attention to signs + signals

To stay safe, be sure everyone involved is actually looking to hook up. “Make sure there’s reciprocation,” Cruz says. “If you’re indicating that you’re cruising, by making prolonged eye contact and subtly grabbing your crotch for instance, make sure you receive those signals in return before moving forward.” 

Understall + Gloryholes

Gloryholes and bathroom stalls are old cruising standbys for a reason. “In bathrooms, staying anonymous is easy because you can just be in separate stalls,” Cruz says. Understall and Gloryhole hookups ensure you don’t come face to face with your partner — definitely the most anonymous way to cruise.

Try finding a Group on Sniffies for Anonymous Play

“You can do an anonymous pump and dump easily,” Cruz says. Orgy’s and Circle Jerks are another option for anonymous cruisers. As part of a crowd it’s easy to blend in and keep some level of anonymity. Groups also tend to be a lower-risk hookup situation, since they’re typically hosted in a private space, and everyone there has agreed on the terms in advance. Groups on Sniffies also tend to be a lower-risk hookup situation, since they’re typically hosted in a private space, invite-only, and everyone there has agreed on the terms in advance.


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