Sniffies Reviews: The Best Toys to Use in Public

Sniffies Reviews: The Best Toys to Use in Public

Nothing beats the thrill of cruising in public. The subtle cues, the sly glances, holding eye contact for that one extra beat—you feel your heart start beating a little faster as you weigh the risk of getting caught, against the possibility of a hot hook up. It’s that sense of danger, of chasing your curiosity that’s at the heart of the cruising experience. But sometimes a Cruiser wants more.

Sometimes, a Cruiser wants to get a kinky while they’re out in the wild. That’s where toys come into play. Cruising is usually spontaneous and unexpected, but with a little planning and forethought, you can include any sex toy you like into your cruising experience. In fact, some toys can even signal to other guys that you’re looking to cruise in the first place. Take a minute before you head out to your next steam room, cruisey park, or locker room and think about an accessory or two that could enhance your next hook up. After all, if you stay ready you don’t have to get ready.

Here are the best sex toys for cruising, according to Sniffies Cruisers.

Butt Plugs
It doesn’t matter that no one might see it at first, popping in a butt plug means you’re ready to hook up at any time. For OnlyFans creator Jayson Parker, it’s about a mindset more than anything else. “I enjoy it because I have a naughty secret that no one else is aware of,” he says. If you’re feeling adventurous, spring for a vibrating butt plug to double the sensation, and pre-lube for extra credit. For a butt plug that’s affordable as well as beginner friendly, Sniffies recommends Tantus’ black silicone butt plug—it’s not too big, has a solid base, and inserts easily.

Cock Rings
Cock rings are great for long cruising sessions when you might be fooling around with multiple guys. They can help keep you hard, of course, but they’re also great for creating a bulge that might kick off a cruisey situation. Adult superstar Dolf Dietrich often wears a cock ring in public. “No underwear, thin shorts or gray sweatpants,” he says. “I like to show off.” We recommend a set from Lovehoney because it’s affordable and comes in a few different sizes.


A blindfold isn’t technically a toy, but it’s still one of Sean Xavier’s best accessories for cruising. Let a top blindfold you and give the whole steam room a turn. It’s about the submission and suspense of giving up complete control—especially in a public setting. You can make a blindfold out of almost anything: a handkerchief, a sweaty jockstrap, a pair of boxers—the only limit is your creativity. 

Cock Cages
Chastity is becoming a more popular kink everyday—even outside of Locktober. CagedJock, a chastity aficionado and cock cage expert says it’s hot to wear a cock cage at all times, knowing he has a horny secret that no one else can see. Plus, he says, if he’s changing, the outline of his chastity is visible to others through his underwear. If they’re also into caging it’s a signifier that could mean a hook up is right around the corner. A Dominix chastity cage’s simple design would work well, if you’re looking to cage for the first time. 

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