Sniffies Darkroom Confessions Ep 2 "The Queerification of Fashion"

Sniffies Darkroom Confessions Ep 2 "The Queerification of Fashion"

Watch Sniffies Darkroom Confessions Ep 2: The Queerification of Fashion now.

Tattered briefs, thongs, and jockstraps. What turns you on? In the second episode of Sniffies Darkroom Confessions, "The Queerification of Fashion," we explore the connections between sexuality, gender expression, and fashion. Join host Fran Tirado, singer/songwriter and fashion IT boy Jonah Almost, designer Kingsley Gbadegesin, meme father and DJ Caleb Kruzel, and fashion editor Mikelle Street as they discuss what style makes them horny, the relevance of queerbaiting, new-age masculinity, and the queer community’s influence on fashion. 

Sniffies Darkroom Confessions is a new series that deep dives into the dirtiest, most perverted, and gayest topics concerning queers and their sex lives today. Don’t forget to watch Ep 1: “Monogamy? In This Economy?,” where our host and panelists explore the pros and cons of different relationship dynamics. Is consensual non-monogamy and polyamory just a trend? Or is it here to stay? Watch Ep 1 to find out.

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