Sniffies' Darkroom Confessions: A New Roundtable Series for the Curious

Sniffies' Darkroom Confessions: A New Roundtable Series for the Curious

Are you ready to dive into the grittiest, most controversial topics surrounding queer sex and relationships today? Look no further than Sniffies' Darkroom Confessions, a groundbreaking new social series from Sniffies. Hosted by Fran Tirado, writer, podcaster, and filmmaker, each episode of Darkroom Confessions brings together a group of thought leaders, influencers, and other movers and shakers to explore the burning questions at the forefront of queer minds.

The first episode, "Monogamy? In this Economy?," takes on one of the most pressing and divisive topics in the queer community: the value and viability of monogamous relationships in a time of many uncertainties. Is monogamy still relevant, or is it an outdated concept that no longer serves the needs of the modern queer individual and beyond? Join Fran Tirado and their panel of experts as they discuss this and other provocative questions, sharing their own experiences, insights, and opinions.

Whether you're looking for thought-provoking conversation, new perspectives, or just a good old-fashioned scandalous discussion about sex and relationships, Sniffies' Darkroom Confessions is the series for you. So tune in, buckle up, and get ready to explore the deepest, darkest, and most taboo corners of queer culture today.  Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments section below. Curious about more topics? Stay tuned for our next episode, "The Queerification of Fashion," in early April. 

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