Wrestling Fetish: An Investigation

Wrestling Fetish: An Investigation

Let’s take a closer look at wrestling bulges, physical domination, and the fire of competition behind fetish wrestling. Are you a heel or jobber? Into promission or sub? Singlets, shorts, or nothing at all?

Let's go to the mat to find out together.

Do you remember the first time you saw a man wearing a singlet, the lycra of his singlet clinging to his body, sweat shining on the curve of his shoulder? For many of us, our fascination with wrestling began during childhood, before we could even understand what might compel us to watch two men grappling with each other.

As grow older, we start to look closer, and we begin to understand our fascination with the singlet bulges, and flexing muscles we so often see on the mat.

When we deepen our understanding still more, though, it becomes clear that wrestling is more than the feeling of skin on spandex. It’s more than sweat on sweat. More than the clean, sexy silhouette of a singlet.

The most exciting part of many wrestling encounters is the preparation for the match. The cocky showing off, the anticipation of your partner’s strength and tactics, the spark of a fight in both your eyes.

Wrestling, at its core, is about two bodies colliding on the mat in the primal heat of competition — in the crucible of a fight. Each determined to overpower the other, no matter the cost.

For some, a match is about total physical domination. For others, submission. But, heel or jobber, the most important aspect of any match is your determination to win.

The mat is a place to release. To drop pretense, step into authenticity, and discover a raw physical dynamic of two bodies competing for the victory.

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