Welcome to #SniffiesRush, Fresh Meat.

Welcome to #SniffiesRush, Fresh Meat.


Who wants to join the hottest community of cruisers on campus? Welcome to Alpha Omega Sigma – Sniffies #1 cruising fraternity. As cruisers of Alpha Omega Sigma, we believe it is our mission to uphold the sacred art of cruising and to pass down our knowledge to those who are worthy... and willing.

This fall, we're accepting a new group of fresh meat to pledge our fraternity that is single-handedly disrupting greek life as we know it. Sniffies' Alpha Omega Sigma is a lot of things, but one thing we are not is another factor in the system that traditionally solidifies toxic masculinity. At Alpha Omega Sigma we believe a new era of frat culture is on the horizon. One that is inclusive and sexually liberating. To create a fraternity that celebrates the brotherhood and camaraderie within fraternity culture, and all the exploration and experimentation that comes with it, has long been a dream of Sniffies.

Want to go to the hottest queer parties, lube wrestle, and meet the best cruisers out there? Rush Sniffies’ Alpha Omega Sigma #sniffiesrush. Join our community of influencers, old and new, in rushing Alpha Omega Sigma virtually. Posting photos and videos in our new frat-inspired gear telling us why they want to be a part of Sniffies' cruising community. 

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