Sniffies' Top 4 Cruising Spots of Summer 2023

Sniffies' Top 4 Cruising Spots of Summer 2023

Written by Sniffies Staff 

Cruising happens everywhere — you just have to know where to look. One of the things people love about cruising is that it almost feels like a secret: if you know, you know. Whether it’s a park, a locker room, or a public bathroom, cruising locations are hidden everywhere in plain sight.

While cruising locations used to be shared via word of mouth, today, the Sniffies map is the simplest way to find the best local cruising spots in your city — from bathhouses to gay bars. We’ve combed through the entire Sniffies map to showcase Sniffies’ most popular cruising destinations across the US. Without further ado, we present Sniffies Top 4 Cruising Locations for Summer 2023.


Christian Camacho photographed by Sean Barrow

Vaseline Alley

With a name like Vaseline Alley, there’s no way this iconic LA cruising area could be left off Sniffies’ list of top cruising locations. Located just off Santa Monica Blvd, Vaseline Alley is just the right amount of shady for some late cruising. Check out the Sniffies map to see who will be there, or commit your profile to the location and see who shows up.

Cruise Vaseline Alley in Los Angeles on Sniffies

 Tucker Booth photographed by Wes Smith 

Volunteer Park

Volunteer Park is located in Seattle, and, in fact, features several different areas that are perfect for cruising. According to Sniffies users, the tennis courts, and the area by flag pole are just a few of the popular cruising spots in Volunteer Park. Locals on the Sniffies map note that while the foliage near the tennis courts is enough cover for daytime cruising, the area by the tennis courts is best for night time action, as it’s out in the open. Load the Sniffies map to find the best times to cruise Volunteer Park.

Cruise Volunteer Park in Seattle on Sniffies


Brian Trimboli and Tyler Hopf photographed by Henry Wu

Buena Vista Park

In a city like San Francisco that’s known for cruising, Buena Vista Park is one of the most popular cruising destinations. Buena Vista Park features several trails and pathways, which means it’s easy to find guys cruising at any hour. 

Cruise Buena Vista Park in San Francisco on Sniffies


Miguel Smith and Justice Carlone, photographed by Chris Fucile

The Ramble

Located in New York City’s Central Park, The Ramble has been a popular cruising location for decades. One of the most well known cruising destinations in New York City,  The Ramble is a wooded area near the Central Park Lake where guys cruise for discreet hookups off major pathways. You can find guys cruising at all hours, but it’s best to go at nighttime, since the foliage doesn’t offer much cover.

Cruise The Ramble in NYC on Sniffies

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