Sniffies Notifications are Here

Sniffies Notifications are Here

The time has finally come. We have notifications. 

We know – it seems like a small thing. But it's a huge step forward in making our web app as user-friendly as possible. As you know, Sniffies is a web app, not a native app (this allows us to follow our own rules and bypass censorship and archaic rules of app stores). And although we can do most things a native app can do, push notifications weren't one of them. We've had access to notifications on Android devices for over a year, but the wait for Apple devices has been long. Now, with the latest iOS 16.4 update, Apple finally allows push notifications for web apps and websites. When we got the news, we quickly tested it, and trust us – it's a lot more fun (and distracting) when you don't have to check for messages 😉. 

So, how does it work?

Sniffies notifications for iOS will only work if your software has been updated to at least the 16.4 version. You can easily update your software by going to your devices' settings. 

Once you've updated your software, open Sniffies on any web browser. If you're using Safari, hit the share button at the bottom of the page. For Chrome, go to your settings. 

This step is crucial. You can only enable notifications by adding Sniffies to your home screen. 

Go to your home screen to ensure the Sniffies app icon is there. Now you can use Sniffies like a native app without opening your web browser. It even keeps you logged in – making it one step easier to hop on the map. 

Now go to your device's notification settings and enable notifications for Sniffies. Like any other app, you can customize what type of notifications you'd like to receive and how often you get them.

That's it. Just four easy steps and notifications will take care of the rest. No need to constantly check your phone. You do you while we keep you connected to all of your messages. Happy cruising. 



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