Sniffies DownLoad: the sexiest raw data of 2022

Sniffies DownLoad: the sexiest raw data of 2022

Are you on the list? Welcome to Sniffies DownLoad – a filthy infographic with data and metrics showing how cruisers cummed throughout 2022. As we close out our best year yet, we’re raising a toast to all the kinksters who cruised our map, chased their curiosities, and explored their fetishes.

Sniffies DownLoad celebrates everyone who logged onto Sniffies, anyone who checked into a cruising location for the first time, and those who attended their first group. See how your city ranked, the year’s most popular kinks, group theme, and cruising destinations, plus loads of other sexy data about Sniffies users.  

Here's to 2023—sure to be Sniffies’ horniest year yet. 


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