MILF - Monster I’d Like To F*ck

MILF - Monster I’d Like To F*ck

Written by Christopher Bridges

Attraction to monsters or non-human entities also known as teratophilia has spawned not only a renaissance in erotic literature but entire sub reddits dedicated to icons of the genre. Teratophilia is nothing new—in fact, it may be one of the oldest kinks—it’s been woven into tropes and stories over generations, and now it hides in plain sight. Think Dracula, slowly stroking his victims pale neck before he bites, or Venom, who’s long, wet tongue is the subject of many fanfics in itself. Even the iconic Japanese woodcut from the early 19th century, The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, which features of a woman being pleasured by a pair of octopi toes the line of teratophilia. 

Now, characters like Pyramid Head from the silent hill franchise, have inspired page after page of erotic fan fiction. If you think about it, it makes sense: Pyramid Head looks like he hasn’t missed a barry’s class in the past two years. But Teratophilia is about more than fictional characters who are curiously beefy.There’s an element of domination to the dynamic—you’ve been overpowered by someone (or something) and all you can do is submit. More than that, even, It’s about the thrill of the unknown, that little adrenaline rush you feel as you approach the unknown, and the slight edge of danger in getting close to something you know to be a monster. 

Skeptical? Walk into any sex shop worth its salt and, next to the more conventional dildos and anal beads, you'll discover an entire universe of brightly colored sex toys in shapes you’d never imagined. Veiny dragon dicks, oblong alien members and multicolored fantasy cocks. Hand in hand with tetraphilia is splorching, a parallel kink that involves otherworldly dildos which deposit eggs into users' orifices. It’s a step farther into the realm of extraterrestrial erotica—give it a try if you’re into it, but be sure to tell us how it went.

Who among us hasn't gotten a little bit titillated at the thought of being probed by aliens? Predator is kinda hot, and I will not be ashamed of my attraction! Being a vastly different species will never stop me from getting quality dick and or hole and if you've seen the alien dildo and pocket pussy section at your local sex shop you’d be into it too. 

In a world full of endless options of beautiful men who wouldn't wonder what else there could be out there? An alien, a dragon, a werewolf, a vampire or a humanoid tiger? As a queer people, one thing almost everyone loves is a themed party. And what is furry convention at its core other than people gathering in playsuits to eventually f*ck each other—right?

In the wide world of kinks, wanting to f*ck a monster is not really that wild. On the list of things one would be into, it's pretty tame in fact.  Sex is meant to be fun, exploratory and playful. Injecting a little fantasy (or an egg up your ass via a dildo molded to be in the shape of an alien's dick) is the kind of spice that makes life worth living. 

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