‘Leak your Sex Tape’ is Queer Corsetry for Sluts and Stars

‘Leak your Sex Tape’ is Queer Corsetry for Sluts and Stars

Louis Dorantes’ Leak Your Sex Tape line is bespoke corsetry and lingerie for queer bodies that asks us to examine our sexual expression, and think critically about our sexual power.

Brooklyn based designer Louis Dorantes creates bespoke corsetry, harnesses, and bodysuits that defy gender binaries, celebrates queer bodies, and investigates the power of sexual freedom. Dorantes’ corsetry line, Leak Your Sex Tape was born of the New York City nightlife scene, and redefines the genre of lingerie by deconstructing the interplay of masculine and feminine expression in what Dorantes calls “slutgear”

Dorantes plays with color, texture and extended moments of tension in his garments to create pieces that are not just sexy, but also intricate and alchemical in the way they come together to access something beyond raw sexuality — power, confidence, ownership.

Leak Your Sex Tape buzzes with a kind of energy and intensity. Garments stretch taut, fishnetting over muscled backs and thighs. Gleaming chrome chains clink against themselves, and clash brilliantly with neon greens and oranges. Pieces are often built to layer with each other; a green bodysuit might be paired with a neon orange thong featuring bright metallic details. The effect, all together, is one of wide eyed, teeth baring intensity.

Leak Your Sex tape prods at the boundary between lingerie and every day clothing. It asks us to reflect on the ways in which we mask our own sexuality as we dress ourselves each morning, which in turns demands that we reflect on where we learned to censor ourselves. What parts of our sexuality are we ashamed of? By extension, what parts of our queerness do we hide? And, more importantly, why?

Dorantes’ tells HUSH that Leak Your Sex Tape is for sluts, and in that idea is an implicit challenge: to not only reclaim the word slut, but to celebrate it. To revel in our sluthood, and honor our sexual power.

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