Cruising Confessions: Biohacking in the Bedroom


We’ve all seen online advertisements for pills and procedures promising to enhance your erotic adventures: spunk supplements, bussy botox, recreational ED meds and, yes, penis fillers. But just how effective are these temping treatments? In this episode, Gabe and Chris explore the wild new world of bedroom biohacking with NYC’s famed butt doctor Evan Goldstein and LA’s acclaimed dick doctor Joshua Gonzalez. Are you ready to take your sex game to the next level?

A Note From the Director, Adam Baran

Sexual health is changing fast. One huge development was the release of PrEP, which gave so many people who grew up in the shadow of HIV/AIDS the chance to experience the sexual freedom of the 1970s. We have strategies like DoxyPEP, which further reduce the likelihood of contracting STDS. There’s even a Gonorrhea vaccine that’s currently in a testing phase. But gay men have other concerns about their sexual health, and unfortunately, there’s a real lack of queer doctors focused on helping us have better, hotter sex. 

This week’s episode features two of the most prominent gay doctors focused on improving our sex lives as part of their practice. WeHo’s famed “Dick Doctor” Joshua R. Gonzalez, MD, and NYC’s iconic “Butt Doctor” Dr. Evan Goldstein, who, full disclosure, I’ve seen for years. 

When I first heard about anal botox, I assumed it was a cosmetic procedure that was mostly for fisting bottoms. But after I spoke to some of the people who have had the treatment, I learned it was so much more: a treatment for anal fissures, and a way to help relax your hole for easier bottoming. Dr. Goldstein came on the podcast ready to bust this and many other bottoming myths. 

Though I was familiar with Dr. Goldstein, Dr. Gonzalez was a new name to me. When I found his amazing social media feed, filled with non-official medical advice about different things you could do to increase your penis size, treat ED, and improve your load size, I was hooked. I’m happy to say Gabe and Chris’s thoughtful conversation with Dr. Gonzalez made me totally rethink practices like penis fillers, platelet rich plasma injections, and Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

This episode continues to build awareness about the often overlooked field of queer sexual health. I hope these conversations make you rethink some of your misconceptions, and give our listeners some useful information and practices that they can use to further enjoy pleasures they may never have dreamed they’d experience.


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