Cruising Confessions: Sex Work is Hard Work


Gabe and Chris talk to escort, adult content creator, go-go dancer, and erotic masseuse Xavier Blanco about how he made his childhood Nomi Malone fantasies a reality, and the hard work it took to get there. Blanco also gives newbies the necessary tips when hiring sex workers, and what to know if you’re thinking of trying out the world’s oldest profession yourself.

A Note From the Director, Adam Baran

Sex workers and their advocates have made big strides in destigmatizing “the world’s oldest profession” over the past decade. But nothing moved the dial more than the pandemic, when waves of newly out-of-work individuals began broadcasting their bodies to millions on sites like JustForFans. Many people saw fan sites as a path towards a debt-free life—and some of them are now making hundreds of thousands of dollars. I created a fan page during lockdown too, but while the experience brought me some pleasure and a little bit of income, I was—like many—surprised at how all consuming the work is. Sex work is, after all, hard work, and there are lot of complexities that arise upon entering into the profession.

For this episode of Sniffies’ Cruising Confessions, I wanted to talk to a successful sex worker about the real work that goes into taking on sex work full time. What are the highs and lows? What’s pleasurable about it? What should folks know about sex work before joining the workforce? And what could a future after sex work look like?

Xavier Blanco is one of the most visible and beloved sex workers in NYC, and friend to both of our hosts, who have some experience around sex work as well. Chris was also a sex worker for about 10 years, until his mid-twenties, and Gabe worked for years editing porn. Together, they lead a hilarious, insightful and surprisingly flirty episode that makes the case for sex work as a serious business, a job like any other, and one that deserves to be treated with respect.

In a time where attacks on sex workers are taking new forms, when government bans on porn and pornographic websites are looming, when banking restrictions discriminate against sex workers this episode felt like an essential topic to feature early in our season.

Wondering if sex work might be right for you? Enjoy fantasizing about it? Just push play.

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