Cruising Confessions: How to Plan the Perfect Pump & Dump


How to Plan the Perfect Pump & Dump

Think being a c**dump is easy? Think again–there’s a lot involved in planning a successful pump and dump. For our first episode, Gabe and Chris talk to legendary load collector Scott Carslake about planning a pump and dump (with the help of Sniffies).

A Note From the Director, Adam Baran

LIke most of the men of my generation, I learned about cumdumping when it was popularized by bareback porn studios in the early 00’s. In a time before PrEP, taking multiple loads from anonymous strangers was a high-risk activity, even though many of the men in these early porn videos were undetectable HIV+ men who were sero-sorting, making it a no-risk activity for them. But the transgression of seeing people doing what we were being told we must not do fueled the gay fascination with cumdumping and made it a turn on for so many. 

Over two decades later, so much has changed. With PrEP, Doxycycline, and Sniffies making cumdumping accessible to anyone who wants to try it out, I wanted to know how the folks who throw pump and dumps handle all the unique stresses that come with it–from the physical stresses on their body to the psychological experience of taking. 

I’ve spent most of my career interviewing gay men about their sexual habits, for outlets like BUTT Magazine and for my documentary films, which are also largely about gay sex history. When I met Scott Carslake and started to hear his nuanced approach to cumdumping, I was immediately hooked. “Cumdumping isn’t normal sex,” Scott explained, “It’s more like an endurance sport.” I was intrigued by the notion that Scott had recently grown weary of the world of cumdumping after meeting his 1,000-load goal in 2023. Now, he was seeking to form more meaningful and lasting connections with sexual partners he knew, a surprising twist to his story. We made arrangements to bring him to NYC to tape the first episode. I think I can safely say that few on our set expected as much insight as Scott brought to the table or the hilarious responses of Gabe and Chris to his wild cruising confessions.

I also thought it would be fun to do a field piece interviewing iconic porn performer Jonah Wheeler during a cumdump scene in progress. This was an outrageously hot segment to film, both in the horny sense of the word and in the temperature sense. One by one, over 30 guys filed in to have their turn with Jonah, sometimes shooting multiple loads. This gave me a chance to see a cumdump scene up close and to spend time with Jonah, who remained charming and articulate (even while answering questions while taking loads). He even tasked me with marking the tally marks on his ass after each load had been deposited–a director’s work is never done.

I think what I found the most fascinating about both the discussions that our incredible hosts Gabe Gonzalez and Chris Patterson-Rosso had with Scott Carslake, and the one I had with Jonah Wheeler, is that as with everything connected to sexuality, we all have our own things that turn us on about each particular act. Scott’s fetish is for cum, so the more the better. While Jonah’s cumdump experience is more about the turn on of each participant leaving a bit of themselves in him and the psychological closeness that comes with each particular participant, almost like an X-Men who takes on the traits or powers of those who cum inside him. I’m sure there are thousands of cumdumps out there who are all turned on by it in their own unique way.

As Gabe Gonzalez said in our shows’ first act upon learning of the existence of BestCumdumps.com: “I love us.” Me too.

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