Barefoot Boy Summer is Upon Us – Foot Fetishists Rejoice!

Barefoot Boy Summer is Upon Us – Foot Fetishists Rejoice!

Sandals? Don't know her. Summer 2023 is here, and with it comes a surprising twist that has WikiFeet shaking. Yes, 2023 is the year of Barefoot Boy Summer, and foot fetishists are in heaven.

Jacob Elordi spreads his soles on the streets of Los Angeles. 

As deemed by The Cut, the publication noted an increasing number of celebrities baring it out literally and figuratively.  From Jacob Elordi of "Euphoria" fame to Mike Sabbath from Shawn Mendes' crew, going au naturel when it comes to footwear has become the hottest trend.

Going to the grocery store? Do it barefoot. Walking through the concrete jungle? Do it barefoot. Going to the gym? Definitely do it barefoot. It's the barefoot liberation movement! But don't just do it for the sensational draft between your toes, do it for all the foot fetishists out there. As a foot fetishist myself, every day has been a smorgasbord – and it's about time. Us foot fetishists have been in hiding for far too long. Think about it; for years, society has been spoiled with free ballers' in sweatpants. Why shouldn't I be able to enjoy the arches of my barista?

 Going on a stroll in my neighborhood bare. 

And some may say we've entered a bohemian-hippie renaissance, but I think there's something else at play. Casual wear is kinky. Think about the aforementioned free baller. I don't know about you, but I've had a dedicated album for celebrity free ballers since we were graced with Justin Theroux's throbbing dickprint in 2013.


Justin Theroux freeballing on set of The Leftovers in 2013. 

Teasing our goods in the messy throws of running errands is hot! You get a sneak peek that's just enough to fuel your imagination, and at the end of the day, casual wear means easy access. I think barefoot boy summer is a continuation of that. Foot fetishist or not, there's something undeniably raw and hot when someone walks around barefoot – you just know they fuck good. And as society continues to grow more and more comfortable with individual sexuality, I think we'll find new ways to hint at our kinks through everyday wear (or lack of).

So whether you're a foot exhibitionist or foot worshiper, get out there, cruise the soles of your peers, and let your inner foot fetishist thrive. It's your time to shine.

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