A Closer Look: Sniffies x FANG Pride Capsule Collection

A Closer Look: Sniffies x FANG Pride Capsule Collection

This week, Sniffies is launching its first collaboration with the iconic queer brand FANG for an upcoming Pride Collection. We sat down with Fang Guo to discuss the upcoming collaboration and how Guo's personal experiences within the queer community influenced his design process. The collection will be available to purchase on June 5th, 2024 on Sniffies HUSH and FANG.

How does the Sniffies x FANG Pride Capsule Collection reflect your views on kink, love, and sex?

I want to use this collection to encourage people to always stay curious—whether it’s about kink, love, sex, or just life in general. Try wearing something bold and statement-making, rather than the heteronormative, obvious choices. Embrace being different, and show off your personality!

Have there been any particular design elements or themes you've incorporated specifically for this collaboration with Sniffies?

Yes, the capsule collection incorporates our signature body-contouring silhouette along with a "cropped" cut, with the hem of each design falling just at the hip; I always disliked conventional sportswear where tops extend down to mid-thigh, making legs appear shorter (just not a flattering proportion to me). Additionally, our square neckline shape, inspired by the classic menswear item “wife-beater”, is featured in all three designs of the collection. The interplay of sheer and opaque elements within the pieces evokes a sense of playfulness and sensuality, while still leaving something to the imagination.

In what ways is your brand inspired by queer and cruising culture?

FANG is deeply rooted in counterculture such as the underground techno raving scene–a pivotal queer movement for self-expression coinciding with the end of the cold war/ fall of the Berlin Wall. The brand initially stemmed from creative director Fang Guo’s frustration with conventional menswear, which predominantly offers shapeless sportswear and constricting suiting. FANG focuses on creating sensual knitwear designs for queer-minded individuals–by incorporating subversive silhouettes, cuts, fabrics, and colors from womenswear–to create a balance between yin and yang, softness and edginess, femininity and masculinity.

If you had to choose one, which piece of yours would you be happiest to see people cruising in?

Like the aesthetic of our brand, I always prefer to wear something that is sensual and romantic without being overtly flashy. I would love to see people wearing some of our subversive knitwear designs, especially those who are more "masculine presenting." I have immense respect for individuals who know who they are without being afraid to have fun and explore different facets of self-expression.


Your brand perfectly straddles the line between masculinity and femininity. What makes you feel most masculine? Most feminine? Do you tend to embody one identity at a time or are you always blending the two? 

I always try to blend elements of masculinity and femininity into my personal style, which is also aligned with our brand value and aesthetics as well. For example, I might pair a femme dress with well-worn combat boots, or combine conventional menswear staples such as cargo pants with a form-fitting, cut-out knitted top.

What’re your must-have accessories?

A good mini shoulder bag, a pair of sunglasses, on-the-go sun stick, and chapstick.

Lastly, car, park, or sauna? 

Out of the three, I have only done it in a car.

Fang Guo is the founder of FANG, a gender-expansive fashion line based in New York City. 

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